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Yoga therapy Benefits Health benefits of yoga benefits of yoga therapy Yoga Health benefits
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Yog Therapy for Different Ailments

Only medicine, only exercise or only diet control is not going to help the practitioner in getting rid of any ailment. It requires a special combination of yogic kriyas (especially asaan and pranayaam) and diet followed by yogic life style that leads one to absolutely stress free peaceful life.

Do not 'try' yog but practice it with perfect devotion and regularity. You are sure to come out as a real winner. Here are a few asaan and the balanced diet selection.

NOTE: Names of the asaan, pranayaam and kriyas differ book by book, so kindly consult the master before practicing.

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Bharat Yog


All those yogic kriyas that help the pancreas to work more efficiently are highly beneficial in case of diabetes. Here are few:

Mandookasana Akarnadhanurasana Matsyendrasana
Uddiyan Bandha Agnisar Kriya Bhastrika Pranayam
Bharat Yog


Yogic kriyas which provide ample supply of oxygen and allow it to reach even to bottom part of lungs to the practitioner are highly beneficial in case of asthma. Here are few:

Ashwatthasana Sarvangasana Matsyendrasaan Singhasana
Gomukhasaan Ashwathasaan Suryanamaskaar Nadishodhan Pranayaam
Bharat Yog

Back Pain

Modified yogic kriyas that bring back the alignment of vertebral column and release tension of nerves and the muscles should be practiced in case of back pain. Here are few:

Katichakrasaan Sarpasaan
Modified Pawanmuktasaan Jaanu Bhu sparsh
Bharat Yog

Stress & Tension

Yogic kriyas that give deep relaxation to the entire body and lead the mind to perfect withdrawal from sensory subjects leading to rejuvenation are highly beneficial in case of stress & tension. Here are few:

Tadasana Singhasana Aanandmadirasaa
Guru Pranaamasaan Chanra Dhyanam Sheetali Pranayaam
Bharat Yog


Asaans that improve the proper functioning of reproductive organs and supply ample energy to body permitting the baby in the womb to go for balanced growth and the pranayaam and mudras to give deep relaxation and mental peace to mother and enable her to go for a comfortable delivery at appropriate time. Here are a few:

Dhruv Asana Padmasana with Brahmanjali & Gyan Mudra Gomukhasaan Gorakshasaan
Sugam Konasaan Modified Gurupranam Modified Uttakat
Bharat Yog

Memory, Wisdom & Patience / to grow Brilliant:

Yogic kriyas which touch the endocrine system by giving exercise to pituitary and pineal glands existing in skull are highly beneficial to attain memory, wisdom and patience -the three main faculties of brain. Here are few:

Shambhavi Mudra Micro exercises for Kapal Gurupranaamasaan
Maha Bandh Shadmukhi Mudra
Bharat Yog

For Cold

Lack of resistance is responsible in catching cold and such other irritations & infections. This yog program does not only waves off such aggravations but also enable the aspirant to enjoy winter in single shirt and stay free of cold and cough.
Here are a few of such kriyas:

Bhastrika Pranayam Virechan Kriya Kapal Bhati Pranayaam
Surya Namaskar Surya Bhedi Pranayaam
Bharat Yog

Pimples, Acne & Aging Shadows / For Glowing Skin

Formation of fresh blood with strong liver and purification of blood with ample supply of oxygen combined with Nadi Shuddhi (purification is veins) kriyas bless the practitioner with desired result of staying in true beauty. Here are a few of such cleansing kriyas:
Here are a few of such kriyas:

Singhasaan Mandookasan Sarvangasaan Suryanamaskaar
Sheershasaan Shadmukhi Mudra Neti, Kunjal etc
Bharat Yog


The expulsion of toxins from joints and tension from mind is an easy answer to problem of arthritis. Friendly yogic kriyas controlling the aggravation of wind are highly beneficial in eradication of this disease.

Tadasana Sarvang Pushti Katichakrasaan Pawanmukta Kriyas
Chakrapaadasaan Dwipaadhastachalan Supta Ushhtra Pawanmuktasaan
Bharat Yog

Poor Digestion

Yogic kriyas which improves the proper functioning of pancreas, spleen, and gallbladder, strengthens the weak lever and balances the disturbed naval are Raam baan for poor digestion. Here are few:

Vajra Asaan Uttan Padasana Uddiyan Bandh
Agnisar Kriya Nauli Kriya Pashchimottanasaan
Bharat Yog


Constipation itself is not the severe problem but it is certainly the mother of many such problems that in gradual process prove an untimely threat to life. Moderate yogic kriyas, ample intake of water, fiber food, seasonal fruits and vegetable can make constipation a matter of past.

Taadasaan Katichakrasaan Vajra Asaan Sarvangpushti
Gatyamaanhalasaan Udarkshetra Microexercises Mrinalasaan Konasaan
Bharat Yog

sexual vitality

'Kama' is not confined jut to sexual urge of human being but in true sense it is the foundation stone of all human activities and main motivational force behind all worldly business. Kama is the the best friend and the worst foe so we have to handle it with perfect care which is possible through yogic lifestyle only.

Yogic Kriyas that build up the physical strength, improves the heart and lung efficiency, provides sanyam and cover the art of handling premature ejaculation. Here are few:

Surya Namaskaar Bilao Asaan Mool Bandh Yogmudrasaan
Bharat Yog


Anemia results in to loss of life force with faded face, lost glow and paling body due to lack of required quantity and quality of blood. Healthy liver, strong digestion, fresh oxygen intake through yogic kriyas and proper food gives us the desired results.

Sarvangasaan Pashchimottanasana Modified aadi Shodan Pranayaam
Surya Namaskaar Pashchmottanasaan Hastapaadasaan
Bharat Yog


Obesity is a sin as growing weight on joints and burden on inner organs like heart, lungs and liver lead us away from perfect health. Moderate yogic kriyas with justified breathing burn the excess fat and bring back the naturally unwrinkled skin full of yogic glow.

Sarvangpushti Pashchimottanasaan Gatyamaan Halasaan Engine Daud, Virechan Kriya
Krishnasaan Vyaghrasaan Suryanamaskaar
Bharat Yog

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