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About Acharya Pratishtha

Born at Saharanpur in U.P. India a convent educated arts graduate but master of body, mind, soul and life management Acharya Pratishtha started learning yoga in the womb of her mother as she is the daughter of world acclaimed Yog Guru Bharat Bhushan ji, the only 'Padma Shri' recipient in the field of yog sadhna. She started learning the science of yog under the expert guidance of her father at the tender age of three and joined him on several concerts, tours, demonstrations and camps of National and International repute.

She took official training of yog under Guru Shankar Apte for 5 years at Kathak Kendra, New Delhi.

Inherited spirituality and convent education combined together made Acharya Pratishtha find the logics behind each and every aspect of yog as well as religion.

She inherited yog as a lifestyle which carved her as 'the best' in all spheres of life weather it be academic education, classical dance, music, theatre or poetry, yogic lifestyle proved her as a topper in all spheres of life.

Honored with the titles like 'Shrashtha Nagrik Samman', 'Natya Kala Ratna', 'Kathak Samragyi' , 'Manasi Kala Ratna' by different organisationa she is blessed with the real blessings of Lord Shiva who is yogiraj as well as Natraj at the same time. She is a topper of National Institute of kathak dance and is a world renowned kathak performer, she is an empanelled artist of ICCR (Indian Council for cultural relations) as well as Doordarshan. She believes her dance is an innocent offering to the divine where the divine is seen as the beloved. She reflects feminity in its totality and is a perfect example of culture, logic, grace, glamour and magnetism. She is a perfect daughter, a friend, an artist, a philosopher, a guru, a master and a woman of substance.

Bharat Yog Bharat Yog Bharat Yog Bharat Yog
Bharat Yog

Born in a family of Sanskara, Sahitya and Sanskriti, grand daughter of India's National awardee educationist, social reformer, freedom fighter and Vedic thinker Pandit Bishambar Singh ji, She started doing Yajan at the tender age of 5 as through her logical mind she discovered the scientific benefits of it.

Perfect yogic lifestyle discovered her as the YOUNGEST YOGAcharya and the MIND THERAPIST, she was appointed professionally as a yoga consultant on September 2004, when she was only 20 years old and media launched her as the youngest yogAcharya on 1st Nov 2007.
She has,
  • Worked as the yoga consultant at Amatrra Health Spa, Ashoka Hotel, New Delhi.
  • Worked as a Yoga instructor in International Yoga Festival for many years.
  • Worked as a yoga demonstrator in famous T.V. Serial "Yog Sadhna" at Delhi Doordarshan and "Total Tandurusti" at Zee News.
  • Conducted a series of Yog sessions for Indian & foreign yoga enthusiasts at 'Mokshayatan International Yogashram' at Saharanpur.
  • Conducted Yoga sessions at different countries like Japan, Indonesia etc.
  • Choreographed a yoga presentation for 'Arogya 2006' by Ministry of Health, Govt. of India.
  • Performed Yoga postures for popular advertisement film 'Incredible India' by Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India.
  • Imparted yoga training at Taj Mohatsava, Agra.
  • Shared the joy of yoga with very senior scientists of DRDO Ministry of Defense, Govt. of India at ITM Mussorie.
  • Shared the joy of yoga with students, army personals, police, armed forces, women, patients, mentally retarded and public at large

Acharya Pratishtha believes that purpose of life is a life of purpose and she wish to do her best to make this world a better place by exploring the great science of living i.e. Yog which she has learned from her father.

No matter she has given innumerable lectures on Yog and has given her kathak performances in almost all reputed dance festivals but she love to share with youth as she believe that they are the real NATION BUILDERS. Hence special youth programs are conducted by Mokshayatan International Yogashram in which as a MIND THERAPIST she teach them how to master their mind and become architect of their future due to which she has become the youth icon.

According to her, Yog is not a mere set of physical exercises, it's a lifestyle, it's a journey from ordinary to extra ordinary, it's a journey of inner world which provide astonishing changes in the working of the mind, body and even soul of an individual, provides more energy, enthusiasm and inner harmony, it unlocks the infinite potential and help the practitioner to cherish life and to see the divinity in each and every aspect of it. In just one word, make the practitioner Extra Ordinary.

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Individuals and media have said a lot about Acharya Pratishtha:

Bharat Yog
'You are not only the youngest but the best.'
H.E.APJ Abul Kalam, President Of India

'Oh God ! She is too young.'
Sushma Swaraj

'A novel effort to preserve the classical & Cultural heritage of India.'
Minister of tourism & culture, Govt. Of India

'I can see the cultural talent & spirituality in Pratishtha inherited from her family. Blessings and Good luck.'
'Padma Shri' Ruskin Bond, Writer

'Pratishtha is too mature at such a young age.'
Swadesh Deepak, Writer

'I can see a multi dimension talent in this young girl'
Nawaz Deobandi, Poet

'You know how to spell bound your audience.'
Isabele ana, Israel

'I love India because of you and your yoga teachings my Guru.'
Kenichiro Toyofuku, First secretary, Japan embassy

'I never knew yoga can be co interesting.'
Shimtz, Monk

'I have never found a yoga teacher like you.'
Helga, Iceland embassy

'I was in another world when I practiced your meditation.'
Asahiko, Japanese student

'I never knew my body is a temple and my soul is the only God, thanks a lot for letting me know this though your wonderful teachings. I wish to give birth to my baby at this holy land of India only.'
Yuka, Japan

'I never know yoga can be so scientific.'
Christia Germyn, Yoga Teacher, Canada

'I met and spoke to my dead mother while practicing your meditation.'
Kavita, Beauty Therapist

'You are my ideal, I always wish to be like you.'
Shikha, Student from Bhopal

'' Acharya ji's words have fire which provides a new enthusiasm.'
Karvaris, student from Aligrah

'I'm greatful to Acharya ji for changing my life with her meditations'
Mukulini, Student from Jammu

' Youngest Yoga teacher.'
Nick, Britain

'Never seen a person with such a lot of energy like Acharya.'
Natasha, Sweden

'I love my guru she never called me LINDY, she always called me HINDI, she is full of humor she is master of life.'
Lindy, America

"Yogiraj and Natraj Pratishtha Sharma is the special combination of two great sciences of India Yoga Dance. There is a dancing rhythm in her yogic discourses and a yogi's skill in her dance performances."
Bhopal Chronicle

"She has the skill to spell bound the audience and travel straight into their minds through her deep spiritual interaction in her meditation sessions."
Hindustan Times

"Talented Pratishtha trained under acclaimes Guru, presents a quality of response into her presentation."
The Hindu

"She has a breathless quality of unceasing speed giving her viewers a brain fag."
The Hindu

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Bharat Yog
Bharat Yog
Bharat Yog

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