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Bharat Yog
Bharat Yog
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Bharat Yog

Bharat Yog
Bharat Yog
Bharat Yog

Bharat Yog

Bharat Yog
Bharat Yog
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Yoga and Meditation TechniquesQ. 1 Why should I practice Bharat yog instead of other forms of exercises? What's new and different?
A. In general day to day life, an average man breaths around 15 to 20 times in a minute, but while practicing Bharat Yog postures, practitioner inhales minimum in 3 seconds, holds the breath for 6 seconds and exhales in 3 seconds i.e. one breathe in 12 seconds, which means 5 breaths in one minute. Now one can compare 20 breath and 5 breathe in one minute. This is the estimate of a beginner. Dog breathes very fast and he lives around 12 to 13 years. Longer breathing means longer span of life, shorter breathing means shorter span of life.

Q. 2 Why is at called BHARAT YOG?
A. Because it is the traditional form of yog given by Bharat i.e. India, to the entire world.
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Q. 3 All kind of diseases can be cured through Bharat Yog?
A. Yea, all kind of diseases can be medicated reduced as well as removed through continuous practice of Bharat Yog. But that's just a small benefit of it.

Q. 4 How Bharat Yog works?
A. It works with all round rejuvenation- Bharat Yog is specially designed to check the decaying process, to distribute free flow of energy to all body parts with gentle and justified stretching through scientific yogic postures, cure to different ailments by providing extra supply of energy through different yogic locks, overall pranic power through pranic concentration and pranayaam and maintain oneself light and lively with upward flow of energy through different charkas (Energy circuits) and remaining least effected with gravitation and radio active rays. Bharat Yog exercises don't confine to flesh and bones but they are here to add divine color to physical mental emotional and spiritual existence."

Q. 5 What measures should I take to relax myself after the class?
Bharat Yog is a deep relaxation in itself. It is not a mere set of physical exercises but a system to strengthen different organs with special asaans combined with a rhythmic breath control to provide pranic healing even to decaying process. It is there to release physical fatigue, mental stress, pains and sorrows and replace them with energetic body, light heart, balanced mind and eternal peace. You never need to take any extra special relaxation after a Bharat Yog session as this technique make you sweat to release all the toxins and refresh with ample supply of oxygen to purify even the far distant blood stream and smallest tissue of human body to maintain the bones, muscles and organs more flexible and strong. The session is concluded not with fatigue but with added energy through relaxation techniques, which would help you go home refreshed and regained with increased level of working abilities.

Q. 6 Does Bharat Yog specialize in Meditation only?
YOG word itself means total or sum, which itself is a sum, so how can it be divided. Bharat Yog specializes in all aspects of yog as it is the traditional form of yog gifted by BHARAT, India to the entire world. Bharat Yog comprises of all kind of exercise whether needed to release stress or for gaining power, for loosing weight, for obesity, diabetes, asthma, bronchitis, insomnia and so on. But yea, Bharat Yog not at all aims at tiring the practitioner. Bharat Yog session gives exercise to complete body tissues, even supply of blood to all parts through yogic exercises followed by deep relaxation gained through Bharat Yog meditation. It releases all tension and exertion rewarding the body with perfect fitness without fatigue.

Q. 7 What kind of meditations are practiced under Bharat Yog?
Meditations practiced under Bharat Yog are- Introspection meditation (atma darshan dhyanam), sun meditation (surya dhyanam), moon meditation (chandra dhyanam), number meditation (sankhya dhyanam), power meditation (urja dhyanam), introspection meditation (atma darshan dhyanam), insight meditation (sukshama dhyanam), confidence meditation, strength meditation, tratak dhyanam, mooladharaa chakra dhyanam, swadhishthaan chakra dhyanam, manipur chakra dhyanam, anahat chakra dhyanam, vishuddha chakra dhyanam, agya chakra dhyanam, sahasrar chakra dhyanam, kundalini dhyanam.

Q. 8 Why Should I practice Bharat Yog meditations?
On an average day an average person entertain around 70,000 (seventy thousand thoughts) through his mind and the real amazing fact is that 95% (ninety five percent) of these thoughts are just old repetitions every day. Even the most intellectuals use only 1 to 5 percent of their mental capacities. Bharat Yog meditation is the only way to get rid of these 70,000 enemies and to go beyond them to lead a happy and joyful life. Bharat Yog meditations heal up the brain and improve its working efficiency.

Q. 9 What should I do if I can't afford time to practice Bharat Yog?
A. Its just like saying that I'm too busy in driving that I don't get time to get the fuel. Time devoted to Bharat Yog practices as it is not expenditure but an investment that adds hours of creativity to your everyday schedule… just one hour in the morning can bring a dynamic change to rest of the twenty three hours.

Q. 10 Does Bharat Yog work at brain and endocrine glands' level?
A. Yes. The micro exercise system series of Bharat Yog based on concentration and auto suggestion work deep at cerebrum, cerebellum and medulla to improve memory, wisdom and balance level of the aspirant. This system touches the performance of pituitary gland that improves the function of rest of the glands. A few Bharat yog asaans and meditation on plexus help improving the function of brain remarkably.

Q. 11 Am Pregnant. Can I still practice Bharat Yog?
You MUST. Bharat Yog asaans and meditations are highly beneficial during pregnancy. For more detailed information you can see the book- 'pregnancy made comfortable with yoga & dietics'

Q. 12 Can I practice Bharat Yog during menstruation?
A. One should not practice physical exercises during menstruation but can practice meditation.

Q. 13 Why youth should practice Bharat Yog?
A. Because Bharat Yog doubles and even triples the mental abilities which help the students in better result. Youth can get natural beauty… physical as well as mental, can develop and attraction in them, can raise their confidence level and above all can be carved as the better human beings and can discover their destiny with continuous bharat yog practice.

Q. 14 Does Bharat Yog helps in hair fall?
A. Of course. Besides improving the general immunity and resistance against causes of hair fall, Bharat yog brings positive results in the cases of hereditary hair fall problems. Bharat Yog postures give ample supply of energy to hair roots checking the hair fall and adding life to them. Combinations of natural herbal supplements also protect the hair.

Q. 15 Does Bharat Yog work at mentally retarded people also?
A. Yes it touches all the three aspects of mind- memory, wisdom and patience (balance). Different systems of yog, supply positive energy to tissues of the brain and checks the decaying process. Bharat Yog exercises based on concentration and auto suggestion improve the control of an individual on his different organs, he becomes better concentrated and creative.

Q. 16 I am not flexible/ over weight/ perfectly fit/ mentally disturb, can I still do Yog?
A. You have to start your journey from where you are standing and once you start the journey definitely you'll reach the destination. Of course you can begin Yog practice and once you start practicing yog you'll become flexible as well. All human beings have the right to learn and get benefited through yog. Anyone can practice yog - child, adolescent, young, old, physically fit, diseased, over weight, under weight, mentally retarded and so on as yog is not just a set of exercises in fact it varies according to the individual requirement, but yea, in all cases it must be practiced under the expert guidance of an experienced Guru/ master.

Q. 17 I am ChristinN/ Muslim, can I still practice Bharat Yog?
A. Anyone can adapt yog as a life style. Yog is the final destination for all the religions. All the religions finally merge into yog just like different rivers come from different ways and finally merge into the ocean, same is with yog and religion. Let it be any religion it finally merges into yog. In Christianity we call it Self realization, in Islam we call it Vasla or Deedar, in vaidic religion or Hinduism we call it Atmasakshatkara. All is yog. For being religious one has to become yogi and adapt yog as a lifestyle.

Q. 18 I am 40 years old and am suffering from thyroid. How much time of Bharat yog practice is needed to get cure of this disease?
A. You have given 40 years of your life to develop this disease completely. Give 40 months or 40 weeks or at least 40 days of continuous practice to get rid of this.

Q. 19 Who is the true Guru?
A. Kindly see IMPORTANCE OF GURU for the answer of this question.

Q. 20 How to select a Guru?
A. You are NOT eligible to select a guru. He will select you, not you.

Q. 21 Can a person make more than one Guru?
A. Of course he can but if you feel a need of second Guru that means you are not getting the real knowledge from your present Guru.

Q. 22 How can I ideally serve my guru?
A. By following his teachings.

Q. 24 Can Moksh be attained only after death?
A. No! Moksh means to get rid of the cycle of death and birth. This level can be attained while alive as well with continuous sadhna.

Q. 25 What is the minimum and maximum time for yog practice and when it should be practiced?
A. "Khaavat Peevat Sovat Jaagat" this is just like riding a bicycle. When you started learning riding it was very difficult and demanded your entire focus and concentration but later you were able to ride it with single hand as well and now finally you can ride the bicycle while talking to your friend or while singing a song. Same is with yog practice. In the beginning you need special time for it but later with continuous sadhna you can be an all time yogi. But the physical aspect of yog should be practiced early in the morning or in the evening with empty stomach and comfortable cloths. Minimum it should be practiced for 45 minutes to one hour and maximum is limitless.

Q. 26 What should I do for sound sleep? Even if I sleep for eight hours I don't feel fresh in the morning?
A. Best way is to practice CHANDRA DHYANAM before going to bed and then don't do anything else except sleeping. Another way (less effective than Chandra meditation) is chanting of full length 'OM' for 16 times before sleeping.

Q. 27 How to become the student of Guruji?
A. Guruji is an enlightened soul and has never taken his yog sadhna as a source of income. There is No fee structure of Ashram but only a nominal vyavastha shulk the management fee.

Q. 28 How can I come to ashram and stay there?
A. As our ashram is not at all a huge set-up - big land and immense buildings, its just a Sadhna Sthal of Guruji and anyone can come there and practice his sadhna. All what is needed is to register himself via mail or telephone - 9456894549.

Q. 29 What is the fee for ashram?
A. There is NO fee structure of Ashram.

Q. 30 If I wish to organize a Yog camp at my city then what are the requirements?
A. Kindly see 'Yog Camps'.

Q. 31 If I wish to attend Yog camp?
A. For yog camp contact at 9868152963, 9350131268

Q. 32 I want to be updated with the activities of Ashram and schedules of Guruji and Acharya Pratishtha ji?
A. Best way to be in touch with the activities of the ashram is to become the member of Affiliate with us.

Q. 33 I wish to invite Acharya Pratishtha ji at my college for motivating lecture for youth as she is so young and inspiring. What should I do?
A. Acharya Pratishtha ji loves to share her vidya with youth. You don't need to do anything apart from contacting Mr. Dheeraj Saraswat - Director, Events of Mokshayatan International Yogashram at 9868152963, 9350131268.

Q. 34 Is it true that Guruji sleeps only 4 to 5 hours a day?
A. Yes this is absolutely true and this is true as well that whenever he wants he can sleep for few days as well because he has controlled his body, mind and soul and you too can do it through continuous practice.

Q. 35 Who is Guruji's guru?
A. Guruji has never taken any formal training of Yog from any human being in this birth but he is the course setter of universities. He has inherited birth from previous birth. For more details see ABOUT GURU BHARAT BHUSHAN JI.

Q. 36 I wish to start a Mokshayatan's branch at my area?
A. Contact Mr. Dheeraj at 9868152963, 9350131268.

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Bharat Yog
Bharat Yog
Bharat Yog

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