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Guru Bharat Bhushanji

Touching The Horizons

Health and Fitness Tips,Health and Fitness Center,Yoga for Health Fitness,Yoga Health and Fitness,Health and Fitness Provider
  • ''Mr. Muscle Man', 'Mr. Delhi', 'Pratap Shri of India', 'Arjun Shri', 'Pratap Shri of India', 'Yog Chakravorty', 'Yog Tarni', 'Modern Vivekanand', 'Yog Martand,', "honorary doctorate" and 'Bharat Rashtra Ratna' beside 'Padma Shri' by President of India.
  • Deputed to address the first ever "International Yoga Festival" benefiting over 500 delegates from across the globe continuously for one week and entrusted with the responsibility of being "Yoga Guru" of this international congregation.
  • Regularly giving talks as "Chief Speaker" or "Chair Person" of National forums and International Seminars.
  • Several magazines and journals published in England, Japan, Russia and USA have carried special features on highlighting his yog system and philosophy of life.
  • Conducted Yog sessions for Ballooning Group consisting of members from 6 countries, regarding the effect of yoga exercises in the space and for a WTO group of 14countries.
  • His T.V. serials on yog were telecast on Indian and foreign T.V. channels since 1978.
  • Documentary films on his contribution were made by Govt. of India, Australian Broad casting corporation and South African T.V. Channels.
  • Nominated Chairman of North Zone INPA (consisting 7 states)
  • Member of the council of Alternative medicine and research Government of Haryana and member of Inspection Committee & Experts Committee of CCRYN under Ministry of Health, Government of India to promote Yog and Nature Cure systems.
  • Member of curriculum committee to design yog courses in university education

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Honored to Comment

Health and Fitness Tips,Health and Fitness Center,Yoga for Health Fitness,Yoga Health and Fitness,Health and Fitness Provider
"You have prepared yourself for service to God, country and your fellowmen. I congratulate you and wish you God speed. May your life be a joyous adventure in service to others.".
Zakir Hussain
President of India

"The efforts being made by Shri Bharat Bhushan and his Mokshayatan ashram in awakening the feeling of awareness among young generation is a work of appreciation as only the youth can keep the flame of freedom high.".
Zail Singh
President of India

"Yogi Bharat Bhushan is imparting yogic bliss to all without any consideration of caste color or creed. His yoga, health and character building program should be introduced in our schools and colleges also.".
Dr. Balram Jakhar
Speaker of Parliament, New Delhi

"I have been witnessing him closely for over 20 years. His contribution in the field of yoga is immeasurable. Mr Bharat Bhushan is truly the cultural ambassador of our country.".
Virendra Verma
Governor of Punjab & Himachal Pradesh

"My visit to Mokshayatan International Yogashram was a pleasant experience. I was benefited to see the TV serial 'Yog Ek Sahej Sadhna' given by Shri Bharat Bhushan.".
B Satynarayan Reddy
Governor of Uttar Pradesh

"I feel benefited to have spent a few minutes in your company. It will be a matter of pride for me to associate myself with Mokshyatan International and contribute in the service of humanity.".
Dhanik Lal Mandal
Governor of Haryana

"The work done by Shri Bharat Bhushan is spreading the message of yoga is of immense value. I had an opportunity to see his own thrilling yogic feats in Simla. For me it is unforgettable.".
Atal Behari Vajpayee
External Affairs Minister, Govt of India

"Helpful, useful and taught with a lot of patience and kindness. I hope to meet Swami Bharat Bhushan ji again to move forward on the yoga way. 'Om Shanti'.".
Marcella Bhizzi Bologba

"Swami ji! We part with love, devotion and humanity till we meet again.".
Marylin Mariani
Woodburg, U.S.A.

"Wonderful experience of the unity, wholeness and sharing of yoga. Hari Om Tat Sat.".
Great Britain

"Guruji is the first yoga teacher who was able to give a living spiritual meaning to asana and pranayam that I have met. I have been doing yoga for 19 years. He is a very high powered spiritual being, who can inspire all. We are blessed with his Power, Teaching and Love.".
Sharon Wallace
Actress& Dancer of Australia

"I had some neck pains. My breathing is also better and those pains have almost disappeared.".
John Moreaux Akuaba
Republic House Ghana, W. Africa

"Guruji, our master, who taught all the sessions sat through out the sessions in the cross legged half lotus position drabbed in his white robe. His clear gentle voice infused the room and introduced asana, pranayam, and meditation. We experienced the cleaning invigorating and uplifting qualities gained through yoga.".
Interepid Clare ford

"We enjoyed your early morning lectures at the International Yoga Conference. My wife Tanna & I again extend an invitation to you to stay with us at Chicago.".
Larry D. Mattingly
Chicago, U.S.A.

"Dear Swami ji, Thank you for allowing s to be in your holy presence, I will always treasure the time spent with you. Excellent classes.".
Margo Maffie
Kingston, PA, U.S.A.

"We liked the yoga classes and we shall remember the holy master for his kindness.".
Kiev Spusk-2

"Expreso mi sincera Telicitscion a la labor que viene Desarollando no sold en efeficted dela salud, sino enla Conserusciondela Culturaindia Amalia cornonel iciros".

"Excellent experience of yoga culture! We would recommend continue it more in different places of the world. The yoga exercises were presented in a very sensitive and gentle way by our teacher Swami Bharat Bhushan.".
Noam Lexy Gelbar

"Yoga training under the direct guidance of yogi Bharat Bhushan has proved good for me. I want to keep in touch with yoga.".
Fekerte Bekele
Addis Abada, Ethiopia

"Perfect start it was for me. A very good experience and a wonderfully peaceful week, thanks..".
Rogier Rnys

"Most enjoyable, back problem much improved, would like to visit India next year.".
Maureen Mccarthy
Maldon, Essex UK

"The yoga program was complete & answered many questions. Swami Bharat's peace was inspiration for me.".
Janet Downing
New York

"Thanks to my back ache that blessed me with yoga way in the sweet company of world known yoga teacher.".
Janet Downing
New York

"The yoga program was complete & answered many questions. Swami Bharat's peace was inspiration for me.".
Chnicne Friedh

"I expected practical information to cure insomnia, depression and anxiety through yoga. That I am getting. I felt very well.".
Sun Xieo Song
Beijing, China

"The benefits derived from the yoga classes of great yoga Master Bharat Bhushan are immeasurable.".
Yvonne Marrtin
Kingston- 19 Jamica, W.I.

"I have very much enjoyed the yoga sessions under the tutelage of great master Mr. Bharat Bhushan. I hope to try it in my home also. Thanks for India to give us this opportunity.".
Falak Al Abrash
Danasura, Syria

"I feel very well… never experienced it before… I love my master for all what he has given to me".
Sun Xiao Song
Beijing, China

" I've been to rishikesh and hardwar many times at different ashrams but Guruji is the most humorous yogi I've ever seen, he always makes the class enjoy his teachings.".
Audith Moreta
Baracas , Venezuala

"I was suffering from Hypertension, diabetes and severe constipation. After joining guruji's sessions am absolutely fine and feeling much much better. .
Basanti Rai
Gangtok, Sikkim

"A new meaning of yoga, am feeling so light with my mental and physical self sfter spending a week with guruji and I hope my devotion towards it will be my gift to Guruji.".
Kalpesh Gala

"I joined many yoga sessions at different places and learned yoga as a wonderful form of exercises. But here Guruji taught me the real meaning of yoga I learned from Guruji that this body of mine is a temple and my spirit is the only God. Great. Thankyou so much.".
Michelle Stephan

It was a God sent opportunity for me to attend Yoga camp of Guruji. It was a very inspirational and elevated experience. ALL THE TIME I WAS FEELING THAT YOGESHWAR LORD KRISHNA HIMSELF IS TEACHING ME YOGA IN FORM OF GURUJI".
Nila N.Kant
Lewisburg P.A.

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In News

Health and Fitness Tips,Health and Fitness Center,Yoga for Health Fitness,Yoga Health and Fitness,Health and Fitness ProviderAlthough a gentle but authoritative teacher Yogi Bharat Bhushan also showed a great sense of humor. In an answer to the question 'Where is your ashram, your yoga school? 'Arjuna ji' replied, 'It is in your heart'..
Health & Fitness Magazine, London

Yogi Bharat Bhushan feels that foreigners come here to learn the art of living and it is necessary that we live up to expectation and provide the right kind of service..
The Hindustan Times

Swamiji says 'All paths of religion lead towards Yoga which is the ultimate religion. We can not become religious without becoming a yogi.'.
Daily Excelsior

Bharat Bhushan is the first person of the world having equal authority over western art of body building and traditional Indian science of Yoga..
Dainik Hindustan

Rendering family responsibilities remarkably beside dedication to social services round the clock symbolizes that yoga is the wonderful art of remaining very normal even under all adrersities..
Punjab Kesri

Away from luxuries of modern ashrams this simple grehsthi yogi conducted series of activities to explore yoga and spiritualism in different parts of the country..
Amar Ujala

The fragrance of cultural heritage of India is being spread world wide by Yogiraj Bharat Bhushan..
Dainik Jagran

This Yogi of global acclaim Bharat Bhushan describes the scientific and spiritual aspect of yoga and defines it as ultimate religion..
Dainik Vishwa Manav

Known as cultural ambassador yogi Bharat Bhushan has spread the light of pure science of spiritualism to entire world without any discrimination..
Dainik Shah Times

Yogi Bharat Bhushan is the man of religion, philosophy and divine love who has the power of win hearts and accept all..
Dainik Ajit Samachar

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A simple Human Being

Health and Fitness Tips,Health and Fitness Center,Yoga for Health Fitness,Yoga Health and Fitness,Health and Fitness ProviderPadma Shri, Yog Guru, Yog Martand, Yog Tarni, Modern Vivekanand, Yog Chakravorty, Mr. Muscleman and so on… is the same man who feel highly comfortable in the company of his Sadhaks (Students), feel eternally glad in caressing her cow, clearing her shit and feeding her, feel highly spiritual in massaging his 98 years old mother, feel truly egoless in sweeping his sadhna kaksha and above all feels absolutely responsible and self dependant in purchasing and cooking his own green vegetables.

"Guruji is one of the most simple soul, I've ever seen… even after achieving what all the worldly recognitions I believe he has achieved something unbelievable and that is the love and true respect of all those around him which is the most tough thing to achieve." Says of the student of Guruji

"Baba is the symbol of perfection in my life, he is a perfect son, a perfect husband, an absolutely perfect father, a perfect teacher, a perfect Guru, a perfect master, a perfect mentor, a perfect poet, a perfect sportsman, the most loving person and above all a perfect human being." Says Pratishtha, the daughter as well student of Guruji.

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Bharat Yog
Bharat Yog
Bharat Yog

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